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Activities of people can be seen in 12 points of view: Character, Parents, Relatives, Property, Business, Friend, Travel, Health, Finance, Children, Partner, Brother.

  • Parents: relationship with your parents.
  • Relatives: relationship with your relatives.
  • Property: house, land, car, meubles...
  • Business: education, business
  • Friend: relationship with friens, co-workers, neigbours
  • Health: status
  • Finance: bank, cash, money, gold, silcer...
  • Children: sons and daughters
  • Partner: wife or husban
  • Brother: short for brothers and sisters
  • Character: feeling yourself


The Calendar can give answers for the following questions:

  • View of Life
  • View of a Group of Ten Years
  • View of The Year
  • View of a Month of the Calendar Year
  • View of a Day
  • Relationship with others
  • List of years that are the best for getting a new house (the feature is available for men only)
  • List of months that sex action could give birth of son (the feature is available for women only)


The Calendar shows personnel opportunity for one lunar year and related 10 years.

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